ENIKŌ® is a range of exquisite, botanically based skincare products that focus on utilising naturally occurring active ingredients but without the ‘nasty’ additives that are commonly used. 

Our products aren’t where we differ though. We believe skin issues stem from compromised health, and as such, it is vital to treat the cause, not the symptom.

Your skin is your body’s first line of defence. It is therefore essential to look after it. Proper care doesn’t however involve overzealous cleansing with common products. Most cleansers strip away the skin’s natural lipid barrier, along with the corneocytes that normally protect us.

ENIKŌ’s range includes an Oily Cleanser, the most effective and non-harmful way to remove built-up impurities. Cleansing should be followed by the application of Nourishing Essential Lipids, a powerhouse in ENIKŌ’s range that restores and corrects the skin’s stratum corneum.

After nourishing your skin and helping it achieve homeostasis, give it extra love with a Collagen or Retinol Serum, Repair & Renew, Day or Night Cream to complete your treatment and leave you looking younger, healthier and more vibrant.