Tattoo Removal

A+ Ocean Tattoo Temoval

A+ Ocean is a hypertonic, sterile and safe solution which naturally and effectively removes or lightens cosmetic and conventional tattoos.

In comparison to the typical laser or chemical removal methods, this process does not permanently damage the tissue, effect the natural skin colour or take any colour out of the tissue.

As this is not a “one size fits all” procedure, we strongly recommend coming in for a consultation first, to determine the best removal procedure.

The benefits of A+ Ocean Tattoo Removal are:

  • Effective for conventional and cosmetic tattoo removal and lightening
  • Works on all colours
  • Removes all inks and pigments, even carbon black and titanium dioxide
  • Pure and all-natural formula
  • USA made
  • No carcinogens
  • A less painful, more cost effective option to laser removal
  • Less risk than laser, acid or chemical removal
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Frequently Asked Questions

No removal process can get the pigment out in one shot other than having a plastic surgeon cut the tissue out. Then you will have scars from stitches and need scar camouflage

Master Cosmetic Tattoo Artist John Hashey developed the Hypertonic Saline Solution in 1980. The world’s first natural saline and advanced techniques, Master Artist John Hashey developed a system that truly works. Numerous companies have tried to copy or emulate the process and none compare to A+ Ocean.
Licensed and insured conventional and cosmetic artists, doctors and nurses that have been properly trained.
Each type of tattoo lightening or removal is dependent on the depth of pigment or tattoo ink inserted into the tissue.
The best results are always obtained by following the manufacturer’s instructions to the letter and informing the customer of proper after care.

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